Tabriz szőnyeg VAZZT8

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480x800 cm Egyedi Kézi csomózású

Ft 20 720 000
Üzleti ár:
38 437 692 Ft
30 napos elállási jog

CarpetVista Collectible

Stunning Tabriz which is a replica of the Ardebil carpet displayed at the Victoria and Alber Museum in London

Tabriz is one of the most famous weaving centres and has produced some of the best pieces that can be found today. The Tabriz weaving region is unique, as this region has the most design repertoire amongst all the Persian carpet types. The weavers in Tabriz are also very highly skilled and are known for their precision and finesse.

Beauty beyond uniqueness

This stunning Tabriz which dates from around 1930, is a fine replica of the oldest carpets that is preserved today, the Ardebil carpet which is displayed at a permanent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Musuem in London.

These Ardebil carpets are so impressive and have had such a strong impact in the carpet history that numerous impressive replicas have appeared through the centuries. Hitler for example had an replica in his Berlin office and you can even find one at 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the British government.

Original design

The carpet set on a dark blue background with floral motifs has a cotton foundation and wool pile. The design closely follows the original Ardebil carpet and is composed of a central medallion with two identical lamps handing from the centerpiece. The same designs present in the medallion are also used in the corner pieces.

This Tabriz is very rare due to the large dimensions and would take several weavers months or years to knot. This carpet is an outstanding example of Tabriz weaving and its unique size makes it highly collectible to carpet connoisseurs or enthusiast.

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